Cannabis – a future without stigma? | Ashley Reynolds | TEDxStowe

NOTE FROM TED: Please do not look to this talk for medical advice. While cannabis and CBD are an emerging field of study, their associated health effects …


  1. As a PTSD sufferer from childhood abuse, my medical cannabis prescription has helped me change my life for the better and stay in college. I still take antidepressants and attend weekly therapy, and cannabis is simply another part of my treatment.

    Only a year ago I was 100% against recreational marijuana legalization. Now, having tried cannabis and experienced what the actual effects are (less anxiety, depression, and hyper-vigilance, fewer headaches, clearer head and improved focus, improved sleep) I can see how many misconceptions I held about cannabis because of our culture.

    For me and people with conditions like seizure disorders, cancer, chronic pain, HIV, and many other conditions, cannabis is a medication just like you would take a medication you needed for your heart health.

  2. 6:34 = in Countries other than America yes they are . phytocvannabinoid therapies are the Norm where the Government does not arrest the doctors for doing such for their [patients

  3. 6:13 – generally as small a dose as possible … cannabis is bi-phasic, where the level of help you receive can reverse if to much is ingested for that particular condition .

  4. Growing HEMP will restore the 'soil', will restore the 'atmosphere'.
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  5. Yeah, sure, instead of changing your lifestyle, go for the easy solution, just start consuming cannabis, which can be really harmful for some people with vulnerability to psychotic symptoms, which can increase their risk of developing Schizophrenia. Among other undesirable effects…

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