Cannabis and Bipolar Disorder: What do we know? What do we still need to learn?

Andrew Penn, RN, MS, NP, APRN-BC, explores the controversy of using cannabis therapeutically for mood stabilization, anxiety reduction, and the promotion of …


  1. Are the 28 dislikes from stoners who won't admit to their problem? I've been smoking daily for years and while I don't love hearing this stuff, I know it is true and that it has an impact. Cannabis is great when used properly but we know damn well that most of us Bipolar people are not using it as intended, and not giving it (or ourselves) the respect it deserves.

  2. Cannabis has allowed me to live a functional, happy life in spite of my bipolar disorder and GAD. I guess it's like pills in the sense that it either works for you or it does not. Only cannabis doesn't degrade your physical health whilst you're waiting for it to worked (or to not work at all because you know, that's how it goes when trying to find a a new medication). Everyone should stick to what works for them. Whether that's pills or therapy or weed or yoga & mindfulness.

  3. You say marijuana caused my bipolar , I say the adderal and SSRIs I was prescribed as a child is the more likely culprit . Pharmacy is fucked, and I hate that I only have to talk to a doc for five minutes to get a drug that can induce mania , make me gain weight and lower Labido, adding to my depression and risk of suicide.

  4. I have severe Bi-polar and i take CBD and smoked cannabis for 20 years. It has made things worse. Giving me paranoia, a ferocious diet and makes me stay up all night. Since I stopped cannabis, i'm more relaxed and sleep like a baby every night and i'm eating a healthy diet and i'm not paranoid. I'm super happy that it works so well for others, but for me, it never had any positive effects at all.

  5. Cannabis was a God send for me,but my state’s mental health agency made me stop 🛑!!! I’m now back on Lithium, because I cannot legally use Cannabis here!!! Y’all I cannot wait for Cannabis to become legalized here!!!💡💡💡🎤🎤🎤👍👍👍

  6. I have bipolar 1, first diagnosed with depression when I was 13 and then with bipolar 2 when I was 18, I quit my medication after my second internment at 18, I felt good for a while and I never used weed till I was 23, weed really helped me with my depression and anxiety for almost 5 years until I quit (weed) because I had opposite effects (anxiety,paranoia) that I had before when using it, I had several internments in less than 2 years, try medication but it made me felt numb so now I only use 1 pill every night instead of the 4 that I'm supposed to take, I really miss being high (mostly for the relaxation effect) but I'm too scared to try it again because weed is not legal in my country and is very difficult to know what strain are you getting and what quality, I think that indica with low thc would be a good option to help me with my mood but I don't know.

  7. Smoking weed makes me manic. Being sober makes me depressed.
    Mania makes me 10x more productive than the average person.
    Depression makes me 10x less productive than the average person.
    I’ve never been able to find CLOSE to a middle since this has started. This is new to me and I’m so scared. If my manic actions were consistent, it looks like I’d be on the road to becoming an extremely valuable member of society who can create abundance for my community and family. If my depressed actions stay consistent, it looks like I’d be on the road to poverty…just a miserable soul feeding off the productivity of my family. Should I keep trying to benefit off manic episodes, or should I quit smoking and just deal with the depression? I genuinely would appreciate any advice or shared experiences.

  8. When it comes to your kids i think my bipolar has me more impaired that what marijuana does and atleast they can see there parent happy what does bipolar do makes you want to sleep for days would rather smoke marijuana and be on the couch. There is no good situation here there is bad or worse i would choose bad just saying and you are more aware than people think you do not pass out and not watch your kids thats alchol

  9. when i was a teen i used dab pens, and a dab pen is not a good route. they say oh its just this but its actually so many other unhealthy things you find in it. i can take 2 hits and hallucinate and cant feel my body and its just wack. now for marijuana that isnt so produced badly (like most dab pen carts come from someones basment) they just make me feel calmer. but the dab pen sent me to the hospital and they found it wasnt just marijuana and natural stuff. watch out what you take and do, i dont do it at all because its scary and i dont wanna feel that again. i know the non dab pen ones work very well, i just felt calm and not so irritated. but dab pens (basically o pens) are not good. they may smell like marijuana but theres just terrible stuff.

  10. I been doing a lot of research on cbd oil. I think it is safer to keep dosage very low to prevent hallucinations. Basic CBD low THC helps with pain and it has reduced anxiety.

  11. It really helps with me. Helps me calm down when I’m irritated or can’t sleep. It also helps me when I’m too depressed to eat!! It helps me get hungry. So yes Cannabis helps me in sooo many ways.

  12. I have personally used cannibis to treat my bipolar disorder haven't taken medication for years I don't think it's a solution for everyone as we're all different but it's definitely good at stabilising my moods as they changed very quickly when untreated

  13. Great webinar. Those of us with bipolar have trouble with THC. This is especially true if we also experience psychosis.  I choose not to use any cannabis as I get manic and psychotic ever time, even with the lowest possible THC. If people with bipolar are going to use cannabis, the safe route is CBD only where you have a professional assurance that the THC is extremely low. Weed from the street will be high THC. I wish I could use it, but I prefer to be stable. Julie Fast

  14. Are you reading from the same outdated and misleading medical sources that Jeff Sessions reads? Because it sounds as if you are as ignorant to the facts that cannabis has many medical benefits as does he. A little word of advice for you, if you want all those little initials you add to the end of your name to actually carry value then try reading from other sources than just those printed by the AMA.

  15. Bipolar II here! i smoke pot everyday since a year and a half, sometimes it's a great helps, some others doesn't make any change on my state, and some other times it makes worse, at hypomania or depressive, the effect it's never the same…

  16. I broke my ankle and started using the CBD oil and it helps tremendously I no longer need the Vicodin and Percocets the prescribed me for the pain, it also helps my social anxiety also, it also helps me sleep at night so I love CBD and it has definitely improved the quality of life for me.

  17. Bipolar I, Disability, SSI. Marijuana helped for three years tremendously, and in the last two years sent me into a haze of panic attacks and confusion, avoid usage.


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  19. If people are using cannabis in their youth to treat bipolar disorder, it's likely because they don't have an alternative. I think an effective way to address stopping its use it I think would be to take the "let's replace it with something that will help you a little bit better" route.

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