Cannabis Cultivation: How To Create Quality Top-Dressing / Mike Angelotti / Green Flower

In this Green Flower tutorial, Mike Angelotti of Emerald Cup Genetics explains the importance of top-dressing (organic amendments to boost soil nutrient levels) …


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  3. It took 1 minute for this dude to start with nonsense. Jeeez! ‘Inoculating with mycorrhizae to bring roots back up to the top’ – UTTER QUACKERY. If you know ANYTHING about Mycorrhizal fungi you know this it bullshit! Mycorrhizae ONLY grows AFTER it comes in direct contact with a root and infects that root. So, there is absolutely NO way for it to “attract” roots.

    This guy might give out some decent info but when you get a falsehood at the 1 minute mark it brings EVERYTHING else that follows into question. If you’re a new grower… listen to this video with EXTREME caution!

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