Cannabis Cultivation: Irrigation and Reading Marijuana Leaves

Volunteer female cannabis plants have deep tap roots and need less frequent watering. Jorge shows marijuana gardeners when to water plants. Marijuana …


  1. I think in on week 2 of my plant all I'm doing is watering them at 12:00pm and 5:30pm and 12:am then repeat is that okay? I'm using just pure fossid water my plant looks like it's growing but drying fast and at this point do I keep watering them ? Also I haven't flushed my pot yet I'm not sure when to or if I need to?

  2. I use a 2 litter filled with water. I poke a small hole with a thumb tac at the bottom of the bottle. Then I loosen the cap to speed up the drip.I use them when it gets triple digits and when I have to go some where for a couple hours. They really help keep the soil moist and keep my plants from drooping

  3. Hey Jorge, I have a small plant In Veg. It's about 4 nodes high roughly. All my leafs are 3 fingers with one single leaf out of 3 plants with a single 5 finger leaf. Is that normal?

  4. Nice plants Jorge! I am growing some plants in a greenhouse here in OR and am not watering regularly at all. We are into zero input gardening and utilize permaculture, biointensive, dryland, natural farming techniques. I just started a channel and have my first video up if you want to check it out! Cheers!

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