Cannabis Cultivation Mistakes: Environment & Vapor Pressure Deficit (VPD) Kevin Jodrey /Green Flower

In this brief, but info-packed cannabis tutorial, veteran breeder Kevin Jodrey tackles a few of the common mistakes involving the growing environment and …


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  2. All this is really important when you are growing synth without a prominent micro environment. If you're growing organic with a healthy micro environment, this kind of thing isn't as important.

  3. i planted seeds i found in what was otherwise decent sinsemilla (only found like 9 seeds on a whole 100 gram bag),
    it was pressed and dark colored for transport though, and it had a very distinctive hash-like taste,
    but also a piney and peppery jack herer ish tone to it

    later i learned out the stuff was from albania, and they're outside plants, theyre getting a bit big for my indoor grow, despite being quite "indica" heavy, they have wide ass leaves, unlike anything i've ever grown before, and they're beautiful, but the leaves are probably going to be a liability when it comes to light penetration in a micro grow…

    since these seeds are hard to come by here, i'd love to make some seeds, and maybe save some for later to cross it with a gorilla glue.

  4. So wait, lets just say IF, and it's a big if, Texas legalized home cultivation of marijuana… Is the humidity and temperature alone enough to completely ruin a grow? Outside we typically hit temps of 95F+ during summer, and 50%-90% humidity. Even in the winter time, it can still get really humid down where I live :/

  5. Oh ya now he tells me, lol. Some of those fancy indoor strains donโ€™t do too good outside. I found the Bergman strains to be more resistant to bugs and moulds then the ethos genetics. This is why, I get it now thank you Kevin.again

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