Cannabis Cultivation: Mother Cannabis Plants In Jorge's Garden

Learn how to plant a marijuana garden outdoors. Here are two mother plants in Jorge’s backyard. Check out Jorge’s newest book, The Cannabis Encyclopedia …


  1. I have a question I still cant get a consensus on. I would like to know the correct way to store cannabis for long term, like months to a year. I been using small mason jars & placing them in the crisper at the bottom of my fridge. I was recently told NO, dont do that, instead put it in the freezer. WELLLLL I am frustrated. So far i haven't had an issue, I was considering placing my cannabis in parchment envelopes then securing them in glad freezer bags & Placing them in the freezer. Any suggestions… My Resources for any technology is severely limited so I need to use what I have.

  2. Hello I have a few questions, I have some CBD seeds from Barcelona Spain Hammer Shark, I have very limited space do you have any tips on how to grow a small grow maybe 4 plants,I don't have a lot of cash to get supplies, any cheap effective ways to grow my medicine out doors

  3. Just ordered ur book. Hope is helps me with termites. Big white ones turned the top of my blue cheese into a straw! Needless to say they left poop in the stem and the top cola just turned brown and funky! Love your videos. Peace

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