Cannabis Cultivation: Organic Fertilizer, Mulch and Water

Fourth of July Jorge’s marijuana garden is growing strong! Learn how to prune branches from cannabis plants – Green Crack, Blue Dream, Sugaree, Sour …


  1. Dood i do appreciate all the info .. With guidance from you and a few other bloggers my first attempt was an impressive harvest … As ive learned ive started getting ready for next season , because of my remote location finding all the tools has been a challenge . as i visit the big city for the holidays im frantically trying to buy up the ingredients for the crop … Soil amendments, lights , fans , and still need to skin my green house i framed this fall… Ugh!!!
    im confident its all gonna be worth every second of my efforts … I am wondering what else i need too do to grow massive outdoor plants … I have a dream of a cannabis plant big enough to hang a hammock off of … Is there specific strands or is the trick to giant plants love?

  2. Beautiful green color on them, I like a lighter color green on plants,geuees it really doesn't matter but if a plant normally is a darker than yeah something isn't right.anyway great job (-;

  3. I planted my marijuana plants in my backyard straight on the ground. Just normal water the warm sun and the best natural nutrients provided by the four dogs one male turkey and four rabbits I buried on the ground.

  4. This guy is probably the guy that I get my buds from and I don't even realize it smh 😂😂that's all I smoke on is the top strands and that's all I see him having I'm so happy that you can grow weed now it just sucks that you can't do it on large amounts otherwise the feds will come after you…it's kind of dope that you can have 12 plants per person so you can basically do for plants for four different strands so that way you get a decent yield out of each strand instead of just maybe an ounce or two of each strands

  5. Cervamtes como esta? Quisiera si me ecplicara lo basico pa ra preparar la tierra.para une plant.i dont wamt a get to fancy.just something basic to start..thank you very located at the caribean..thank you again.master.

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