Cannabis Cultivation: Shade Cloth for Marijuana Garden

Update on Jorge Cervantes’s marijuana garden. Marijuana plants are shaded with shade cloth to keep tender cannabis clones cool. Shade marijuana from hot …


  1. Jorge been following you since 2002 when I started with hydroponics. Love u man😘✌🏻.p.s. I don’t have your Cannabis Encyclopedia but I would sure LOVE 💕 ONE. YOU ARE THE BEST. it would be cool if u showcased women growers like me!

  2. mendo dope puts the fence around it with the rectangles. put a couple of verticle stobs, or rebar, to anchor to the ground, then tie to the rebar to anchor the wire fence. then you can put the weed thru the wire and also attach any lines to help support limbs. as it gets bigger, put another fence around that one, then another, etc, as it gets bigger.

  3. thank you so much for all the work that you have done over the many years. It's because of you and the many like you that i am able to do what i love. I posted the first vid of my garden on here, and if you have the time i would love your feed back . Keep the knowledge coming.

  4. Great video Jorge 🙂 what I'm doing is nothing on your scale but I got some clips of my plants on my channel if you wanna check them out 🙂 all my plants are grown with nothing but natural light, distilled water and organic nutrients, it's not much but I make the best out of what I have here in the UK!

  5. with all the respect u deserve….so funny, u, the "master", gettin the same problems as any new comers, and i think everybody had that thought…., so its nice to see we are all humans after all!!, i bet u were too busy to take care of this growing garden, but ropes while u should be using a net ….common…you are lucky if a big rain doesn't break it all…any , i ve rencently got your wondurfull encyclopedia, and that's nice and tight work, and better than your plastic pot to cover your plants from sun : cagette(french) works even better i think, better ventilation and way less heat from the material itself, well , ure still da master(smile), take care and much love french alps

  6. Being so early in the season you could hack the mystery plant almost all the way down to make room for the new clones. If you give it just a few branches to focus on can will get thick and strong in case you decide to keep her. Just an idea. Peace.

  7. put a fan on that one with the limps falling off…. im betting when u put them outside was the first time they got wind… just my 2 cents …. also if u see thing happening u net the plant and tie the limps to the net … ive found this problem more so in sativa hybrids

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