Cannabis Cultivation Start To Finish Documentary



  1. Hey man , I’m at day 34 and my plants are a foot tall and bushy . I have topped it twice , but because of its bushyeness I have had to defoliate a few times sometimes taking low side branches . I am trying to get them to stretch without fucking them up . I have the sf4000 100% 3 feet up , should I just dim it ? Will that mess it up

  2. I'm just getting started with growing and I've noticed that plants grown organically, color up differently. I'm assuming that this has to do with fertilizer availability in the soil?

  3. I really enjoy your editing. Very intresting to watch.
    Was worth the wait.
    Come grow with me.
    I grew zkittles this year. Sweet smells and nice plant to grow. Fast flower.
    All the beat

  4. What are you view on using Chicken Manure in place of the worm castings? As we are a starting hemp farm. And have plenty of access to chicken manure. Or would you suggest a tea being made from it?

  5. Nice Clones in the Video But Normally People looking for Grow videos they want From Seed to Finish there Are those that Want Cloning videos You Might want to Show the Cloning Process for people that Want to learn to clone and grow their own.

  6. Do you really need to add bacteria to your grow medium at all? Doesn`t it come with the environment anyways? I am growing with coco which I even have boiled before I planted my seed inside. Just to avoid any fungae or pests. Now I am concerned that I will end up with a crappy plant over the time 🙁

  7. Yoo bro I been following you for a good while now.and I wanted to ask you when you add the liquid seaweed every watering now dose that hurt if you already have nutreints already in the soil? Or is that just alittle booster for the girls

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