Cannabis Cultivation: The Grower & Plant Relationship: Swami Chaitanya / Green Flower

Your grow knows: Why intention and consciousness matter. Speak to any dedicated, experienced cannabis grower and they’ll tell you of the special bond that …


  1. I have always been keen to this concept of talking to the plants or playing music for them. I don’t know where I heard it first but it must’ve been from one of my hippie aunts back in the 60s but I bet you it works. I play my guitar for my plants from time to time and I know they must love it well I hope they do anyway

  2. I’ve had the tap root jump out of its Rockwool starter cubes I was using and they jumped into my medium which is cocoa perlite,They basically said nope I Would rather jump into the cocoa then grow through the rockwool…✌🏻❤️,I love my plants sooo much!!!And I believe you can send negative energy into your plants…I also believe that extraterrestrials had a hand in the history of marijuana!!!

  3. Went forward in the video and realized that psychopathetic tendencies are being encouraged. Guy says not to let ego get in the way, after telling the host that plants are tapping him on the shoulder.

  4. I feel like they're talking about 2 different things. The host seems to take the vibrations/love/energy thing a little too literal while Swami interprets that as our interactions with the plant through the mediums available, not through some unobservable force.

  5. My English teacher did an experiment to evaluate the plants response to human intent. He used sensitive instrumentation to pick up on frequency… Plants responded to intent according to his science…. So ye… Its a young science…

  6. this is a little much. Just grow some good bud and have fun with the process. But your not ganna convince me that a plant tapped into your consciousness and directed you to pick off it’s moldy bud for it 🙄lmao

  7. …as a twenty year grower. I would have to agree that cannabis does better in positive energy scenarios. All of my girls are always 7 to 10 feet tall ( outdoor grow of course ) and I take time to manicure them and take special care of them. I always get an awesome crop…

  8. Would love to visit your grow and learn from your wisdoms. Growing of line trees in the region i live also has to oriented in same direction if transplanted. If not the tree doesn't take up water and withers ,drys out and dies.

    I have always felt that the intentions of those who harvest and trim empact the product. Even heightens the paranoia of the smoked buds

    We need more people who feel growing our buds and even those that personal grow have this understanding in them to be one with their plants

  9. Jumpin Jimminy!!…wth…muscle seeds jumpin into action!!…I would love to hang out with you Brothers n talk about WEED…..n Spirits too!!….This is the kewlest Swami ever….Thank you for the info gentlemen….first song right after the second ONE on me new E.P.. (2..SMOKIN HASH IN JERUSALEM)….(3…ASK THE PLANT)…..Ozzys version of Sweetleaf…..thank you for sharing Brothers….Hey… looks like the Swami s got a lil bud stuck in his hairs….js..oooooooh..or maybe its a modern day mic….Hes still beautiful and a wealth of information…thanks for the interview Derek……Adios fer now Amigos!

  10. Yoooo my dude, Hemoglobin and Chlorophyll are not how you say they are. Chlorophyll is similar to Hemoglobin is structure but has Magnesium in the centre . The bottom of Chlorophyll also has a long chain as opposed to Hemoglobin. Also chlorophyll harvests light with its antenna complex, it doesn't transport nitrogen but has a major role in the nitrogen cycle.

  11. I believe the Swami is dead on about his growing tips. I just completed my first harvest and I used techniques like this.
    And Wow she came out a BEAUTY!!Just all nice thick buds coated with resin and Terpenes I've never seen buds like this and I've been smoking almost 40 years……
    I would talk to the plants and commend them on how BEAUTIFUL they were always looking everyday!!And even Thanking Them and apologizing for hurting them before taking them down lol
    I played Classical music for them regularly and I tried a new growth technique very much in line with what he was talking about.
    I started a new technique using ORGONE ENERGY Orgonite pyramids and different CRystal and Meteorites like Amethyst,Flourite,Shungite and Iolite to name a few that are very large 5 pound pieces for lots of Energy and this was my very first completed harvest and the end result?
    It's way better than anything the local dispensaries have for Top shelf !!!!even better then the Smoke I originally got and found the seeds in which were a Ethos Cookies genetics has great genetics already but The Love and Energy took the plant to whole new levels as I can compare it to the Cannibus it came from?It's Night and Day the difference that I've seen……
    ENERGY and Sound are very powerful useful tools to use to grow a Plants like a Child give a plant Bad Energy and Karma?It comes out ROTTEN……

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