Cannabis – From Seed to Harvest (Indoor DWC Hydroponics Grow)

Follow along with my indoor closet grow. I am doing deep water culture (DWC) hydroponics with 2 cannabis plants. Stay tuned til the end to see the final yield!


  1. smart grow automation WHAT WEED STRAIN WAS THAT YOU USED IN THE VIDEO ??????????? AND WHERE DID YOU GET THEM?????????????????? AND GOOD JOB THEY LOOK GOOD TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  5. I think that you ruin your harvest with too much fertilizers. I spend in entire grow what you spend in 2 feedings. But that aside. Your plants are too green for flovering which is sign of too much nitrogen for flowering.

  6. I get just as good of results using a "soil" type grow. Worm casings and other things all I have to do is water them once a day and maybe a little trim early on.

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