Cannabis Grow Lighting Myths and FAQs with Dr. Bruce Bugbee

Dr. Bruce Bugbee debunks myths and answers FAQs on grow lights for cannabis based on his research so far at Utah State University’s Crop Physiology Lab …


  1. Using 2x 1000w LED full spectrum and 2x 1000w red and blue, I thought it was a good thing to turn off the blue for the flowering stage.. and now I m thinking of let em all on.. Is this right? Anyone ? Do I get this right,,? All on , more light = more yeild possibility.. color don t matters?
    Anyone? Thks

  2. So should I run a 24 hr veg? Or stick to 16-18 hr? If your data is correct, then the only downfall to running 24 hr veg is the increased responsibility of making sure the other 8 parameters are kept optimal.

  3. Sooooo….what about light pollution and effecting growth? How much light pollution will cause hermaphroditic tendencies in an indoor home garden? In comparison to the full light moon at night outdoors?

  4. Fuck! I would listen to this video with 20k likes on it, but right off the fking bat this guy acts like there is a difference in hemp and cannabis and there isnt. cheebah is to the 50-60s, and is what hemp was to the greeks both are cannabis aka marihuana. got to love some people that mis educate others and dont like watching or sharing their shit because of it. signed arkansas advocate

  5. Wind isn't actually needed at all, just saying, sure it builds strength but you can have zero wind, zero movement of air but natural and from breathing on it and it'll still turn out fine

  6. Hello Dr. Bruce bugbee, i have a idea, What if you made a LED light that put's out the same amount of Lux as the Full Moon and ran it at light's off would the plants get used to it and be less effected by light leaks then?

  7. Quick question, have you studied the photosynthesis rate when using a grow room painted with some of the new darkest black like Vanta black or Musou black? Very curious as to the results if you make 99 % or more or any residual light get absorbed into something other than the plant.????.

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