Cannabis Grow Op Tour – Learn from a Master Grower

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  1. Always funny to me when someone calls themselves a "master grower". There's no such thing. The world's best growers would never call themselves "master", since they are forever a student of nature and always have something new to learn.

  2. You need bigger pots man the flowers need to stretch out I've been growing since the 70s I have a field to green houses for indoor tents I'm in a legal state they do look good though I don't know how you do it I get my best results indoors from 20 gallon pots and my better results outdoors from 100 gallon pots I'm basically all organic with no chlorine I'm a big fan of lots of biological activity looking πŸ‘ I also have a worm farm which I've been tending to four years and I use the pure worm secretion which is unbelievable I also add a handful in the springtime to each individual plant of live red wigglers I just replanted some Agent Orange out of 1 gallon practically rootbound in less than a month I don't know how you do it indoor lights are too powerful for the plant they outgrow the pots very quickly then again it's probably what I'm giving them I do not grow indoors in the summertime I had problems in the past that is why I have two greenhouses Outdoors I get my best results in the winter time up until spring indoors who doesn't like to save electricity right I usually bring in 3 Harvest indoor by the time I'm starting outside good video I enjoyed it

  3. I definitely enjoyed your video here in 2008 I had fallen 20ft broken my back and lost my taste and smell but after all the time and effort I went through to get me to were I am now been a year off my meds and now decided to go with this direction and start growing my own it's a lot cheaper than going to the dispensary by far and grow it to we're you get high and enjoy it but looking for on more videos

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