Cannabis Kills Cancer Cells

Cannabinoids and terpenes work synergistically to kill cancer cells. The Craft Grower Series second season. …


  1. Thank you for bringing up the importance of the right mindset when fighting an illness. Most doctors won’t talk about that, but rather they dwell on the most negative aspects of the situation which actually brings about more illness. Not good for the patient… good for their bank account though!

  2. Having beaten an aggressive cancer a few years ago, as a long time greenhouse grower/seed breeder I am shocked at many of the well meaning, but misguided, suggestions to cure cancer. Ive grown and use several CBD strains and while they have many useful applications, it is not a cure all and should not be used as such. Unless you’re an Oncologist or have had cancer don’t give people medical advice. Your advice may do more harm than good. Good Health to All and Best Wishes Chef. Thanks for all your informative videos

  3. This stuff can kill cancer cells with no negative side effects and the government has been putting people in jail for having it, for growing it, for giving it to other people…

  4. Chef Derek Butt are you in remission yet sir? I am a strain hunter and am wanting to find 2 or 3 strains to keep growing. So far I've grown purp queen, special queen, Aurora indica, caramel kush, cheese. My new genes are mango, bubble gum, choc kush, northern lights. Chef what are a few of the best strains you have grown in terms of thc/cbd levels and yield?

  5. Hey Chef my mother in laws cancer well they found a little bit in her brain today how do I start her out on the rick Simpson oil? Please can you or your boy get back to me please

  6. You are an inspiration to me and I am sure many others…..I love your video's … Oh and yes I purchased your books. Here in Ny it is not legal yet but getting there. Kick it man Kick it!! Sending Good Vibes to you Chef B! Peace n Love

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