Cannabis legalization bill set for historic U.S. House vote

Yahoo Finance’s Jessica Smith joins the Yahoo Finance Live panel to discuss The MORE Act which decriminalizes marijuana at the federal level, as it’s …


  1. I have to read through hundreds of bill revisions and overturns on the congressial gov website official to find out the status. All I find these days are expansion to rehabilitation centers. Getting a felony shouldnt restrict your natural freedoms if the vast majority of the population and house agree it's a stupid Law. Of course only lobbyists seem to knows what's best for our nation and more then willing to do whatever it tastes through political power games to fund the prison industrial complex

  2. This is a worthless half measure 90% of the state's say Medical Only… in other words essentially become a felon so that you can smoke medical… if you're not aware you can't possess a medical card, and still own and purchase a firearm. It's really complicated so look it up if you're curious, unless HR 420 passes or has already passed you can't own a firearm or buy one legally with a medical card.

  3. I'm conservative in most political issues but this bill needs to pass. It shouldn't be illegal. I haven't used it in probably 6-7 years and wouldn't use it if legalized but everyone should have that choice.

  4. Legalized pot won't get rid of the black market unless you compete in price! In Massachusetts, it's 3 times the price of the black market. Let marijuana sellers compete. That'd bring the price down. (unless they form a monopoly to keep prices high) When Mass. is selling a quarter oz. for $160 and you can get one on the street for $50, where do you think everyone is going to go?

  5. AZ medical mj cost are so high I had to quit in order to try and get back my pain medication that work's just as well but nearly outlawed by the DEA'S crackdown. Mj law should have been passed 10 year's ago now I can careless.

  6. Bottom line legalize it everywhere itโ€™s not about whether you like it or not we need money everywhere EMTs have run out of their money 911 is oversaturated well Disney closed all itโ€™s hotels more and more workers are being laid off we need more jobs just freaking legalize it!!!!

  7. Hey Man, is this that "Green New Deal" that the Dems are all talkin' 'bout? That's Far Out, Man!
    I'd take a cella bri, celer ba, um… I'd take a freakin' toke if I remembered where I put my stuff!!
    …oh, yeah… MAN!

  8. look at all the funny you tube names of the commenters. you can see we are dealing with a bunch of addicts. nobody cares you want to smoke weed. we the other half of society that work clean from drugs. don't want to pay for your habit.

  9. I say hold it for now… trunporters are looking like they wont vote or trust the vote. Dems may actually gain control in the senate. Bring it after Biden takes power. Trump has pretty much stopped doing his job. Hope hope hope!!

  10. look at all the call names of the stoners below. if we got them all into a room together the energy would be very dull and numb but that's what weed does to you over time makes you dull and numb . get a job!

  11. 5% imo is a missed opportunity especially at an early legalization shoulda been at least 10% bc everyone and there mother is about to celebrate after a few years bring it down a bit

  12. Iโ€™m all for legalization but not in this way. Thereโ€™s always some fine print with these people. Look up Jim Jordanโ€™s statement that he made today regarding this.

  13. "It's clear what the nation wants"….I don't want legalized narcotics on the streets (Marijuana), as far as the stimulus bills….I've said this a thousand times before….No, on bailing out poorly financially managed states….No, on giving money to illegals immigrants….and….no, on giving illegal immigrants voting rights to….this has been the show stopper all along and why is hasn't passed. If the Dems put together a package that will assist those who need it, then it will pass…meanwhile our government leaders throw mud at each other and can't help those who really need it because of what I just mentioned and people are suffering as a result.

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