Cannabis Legalization Update – 5 NEW States

Cannabis legalization updates and news for November! On November 3rd we saw: Arizona recreational cannabis legalization New Jersey recreational …


    I had my doors busted down for 30 grams of Marijuana, illegally, by state and county task force…..
    I am a 50yr old man, staying at home, taking my medicine, bothering no one and invested all my stimulus and covid unemployment to purchase state of the art, grow equipment and began to LEARN different methods of horticulture, i.e….in my shed, in my back yard….ASSUMING…that since I was, after 30yrs of incarcerations, as a VICTIM on Reagans War on Drugs, an UNEMPLOYABLE , 4x Convicted Felon….last conviction, 2 coerced, confidential buys of an ounce of good, clean weed……
    This business is SUPPOSEDLY, for guys like me, that want to have a FAIR opportunity to get into the business that I have suffered 30 YEARS of Prison, for…..instead, before I can harvest my 3rd freakn harvest of 2 plants, after 9 months, with continuous, 18hr a day of hard laborious gardening design, buy, build , erect and trial and error to accomplish a continuous cycle grow……
    On Aug. 24th 2020, They masked up,.(PA police) broke my doors down in a nice residential housing development, at 4pm and held my wife and kids at GUNPOINT….threatened me to give them ALL our hands-on legally accounted for cash…over $4k, $15k in lights fans, tents and filters…busted my vape rigs in tiny peices in yard where my Grand kids play…and stole all my medicine…ONLY 2 plants in Bloom …all others were in propagation, clones for pheno hunting ….
    I feel that I MUST NOT ALLOW This to be acceptable…..and overkill on all parties on behalf of officers involved…..because im a 4x convicted felon…..(last pot arrest was 2010)…., I am NOW facing 7.5-15 yr MINIMUM SENTENCE, if im lucky,, on a plea deal……this, for me, would be a life sentence…..I can not be a Ratt, so my only choice is my life being turned completely upside down in the middle of an ever worsening pandemic, unable to work, no money, no retirement and I CAN NOT AFFORD 300% Mark up on medicine in PA as the card cost me $250 and an 8th of flower is 63-75 dollars….which is upwards of $600 an oz…..for something I can grow myself, using Advanced Nutrients, and is 100x better in smell, taste, look, and potency…than ANY flower I've seen yet, in the PA market…..its unreal what I can grow in comparison…..thats the difference in quality from Artisan to Commercial medicinal. …I mean, the medicine does not suck, its just doesn't compare to private grown…..
    I would like to file suit against the start for undue, continuous persecution and hardships, making surviving life, virtually impossible for a guy like me….and im just an old Grateful Dead, peece luvn hippi…who enjoyed many years with Jerry And Phil, one of my, fellow, hero Bassist…as I am one, myself.
    I've hurt no one. I do NOT peddle pot or ANY OTHER drug, which is probably why they stole ALL my weed and left me sit at home….and the fact they want to scare me to ratt, and the fact im NOT some damn dumb young kid, makes for ONLY ONE CHOICE…..I MUST STAND UP AND FIGHT OR FLIGHT……
    So im thinking ARIZONA…..HOPEFULLY ARIZONA will NOT aid in my apprehension for felony weed charges in PA…..anybody have any thoughts on this matter ????

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