Cannabis Legalization vs. Cannabis Decriminalization vs. Cannabis Rescheduling

Cannabis legalization is a hot topic along with cannabis decriminalization and rescheduling of cannabis. But when you hear those terms, do you know what …


  1. I am a federal employee and long time marijuana advocate living in a legal state. Currently abstaining for the last 9 years due to frequent drug testing at my job. I was very excited for the MORE act only to be disappointed that there is language for testing of federal employees despite decriminalization. Do you have any thoughts on this? Is federal legalization my only hope?

  2. I have heard an agreement from other sources about if Cannabis were to be rescheduled to a level 2 it would destroy recreational market but that makes no sense to me bc the FDA has Cannabis in a even more restrictive category now. If it became schedule 2 States would still get to choose how they want Cannabis to be governed in thier stats or if it would be shut down.

    Am I missing something?

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