Cannabis menus: Amsterdam, Haarlem & Zandvoort Marijuana Menus of Coffeeshops & Dispensaries

It also deals with how marijuana works, and how to select the best smoke for you! The Smokers Guide believes in high quality. It represents only good …


  1. 10€ le gram minimum?????? Ils sont devenus complétement fous les hollandais. Et dire qu'avant avec 25 goulden (7.50€) on avait minimum 3 grams de notherlight ou shiva. Une fois j'ai même eu 4.5grm de notherlight dans un petit coffeeshop à Rosendaal pour "een tentje" (10 goulden (5€)) !!!!!

  2. Very sad that shops are allowed to sell weed for €35 a gram. We buy those tins anywhere in the states even if they’re shipped across the country from NY to LA for $35 an eighth. I love Amsterdam and IK since we legalized the USA tourism has decreased greatly but prices like that are literally robbery. SMH.

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