Cannabis Oil Cures Cancer .com

When a discovery comes along of this magnitude that potentially can help millions of cancer patients the news must be spread and shared. The pharmaceutical …


  1. 1:01:40 can someone, who can hear well, write down the name of the marijuana strain that has the 12% level of CBD ?? in the comments, thanks)) excellent video)) The testimonies are so WOW WOW WOW!! They make me ashamed to be an American(((

  2. It is an effective pain reliever and people are curing themselves of cancer with this oil. They are sharing their stories via the internet as lamestream media will not cover it. It is ignorance to say it isn't true when you have not either tried it yourself or talked with someone who has. No it is not a 100% cure for everyone, but then what is? The day I am diagnosed with cancer I will take the 70%+ chance of survival, cannabis oil, over that of chemo and radiation.

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