Cannabis oil cures skin cancer complete, start to finish


  1. I It seems you are using a pure pure CBD Oil 100% (in fact is black). I only have comercial oil in 5% concentration, its so liquid. Do you think will be enough for cure melanoma?

  2. Hi guys, black seed oil works very well in conjunction. Just busted a melanoma on my temple with it, now finishing off with the C oil. Shrunk down in weeks from the black seed oil, dries it out superbly, and now the C oil is removing the scarring too.

    Great video.

  3. People this should have more interest. Many keep voting for theses whoring politicians that out law this. This would have saved my dad who had theses on his head and denied me to see him in the Chapel of rest when they banged me up for taking tablets I took. He had a hemorage of the brain as these cancers on the skin kept coming back. USA and UK politicians are evil.

  4. I made some myself but it turned out like thick tar. I've only been using it for 3 days/3 applications on a sore on my back. After the 1st application when I removed the band aid' I noticed a lot of pus ooze. After the 2nd application I didn't notice any ooze on the band aid and no bleeding. I looked at the sore before my 3rd application and I think it looks smaller. I'm going to continue using the tar like oil for awhile to see it goes away. OTHER INFO:  The sore has been on my back for months. I didn't pay much attention to it until it started to bleed and itch. I applied alcohol and it seemed to get worse. I finely got a good look at it; WTF!  It was like round blister a little smaller than a nickel and it looked like a hole in the center. I used doTERRA tea tree, chamomile, and lavender oils for about a month. It helped reduce the size of the sore but it continued to crust up and ooze and didn't bleed as bad. I don't know what it is. It could be a shingle but I don't know and I have not went to the doctor to find out either. I decided I would make some Simpson oil and try it.

  5. For those asking where to get it, you can get it from any legal dispensary in Oregon, Colorado, Alaska, Washington, California, any state that allow legal sales of cannabis… Also, I believe that applying twice a day, versus once every other day get's much quicker results, like two to three weeks versus over a month.

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