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Cannabis and Pain Management – Thomas Strouse, MD, Medical Director, Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital at UCLA Inaugural 2017 UCLA Cannabis …


  1. Excellent thought process however it might not be that binary πŸ™ It might be more polycultural πŸ™‚ The sequencing seems a bit too binary: eliminating a dosing protocol in favor of another one;
    however, instead we can dose the RSO first πŸ™‚ The RSO can be a foundation, infrastructure, or energy on which or within which or along with we can add more polyculural inputs perhaps πŸ™‚ RSO, thankfully is not monolithic it is polycultural: there appear to be many types that configure medicinal THC & medicinal CBD in a 1:1 format; however, currently the leading edge of RSO can be inclusive of multi-strain/multi-cultivar/multi-chemovar: for example: polyculture RSO creates effects that can be quite different from the 1:1 RSO products πŸ™‚ In addition, there are cultivar specific RSO products: for example: this variety, the RSO can be polycultural or it can be energizing or sedative depending on the specific cultivar effects. As a result, we don 't need to get our THC from flower or vapes which can mean less volume & less expense and less potential risk from combustion/conduction or convection πŸ™‚ The polycultural flexibility can be beneficial because we can input many layers to achieve efficacy: for example, initially perhaps part of a medicinal THC gummy, RSO, and then some smoking or vaping = polycultural layering for efficacy πŸ™‚ We can also add oils and/or tinctures to these polyculture protocols :-)When we input from smoking we can combine many cultivars: for example: Watermelon Zkittles, Mandarin Cookies, Purp GG#4, Platinum GSC, Light Saber, CBD Pure Genius smalls, CBD Remedy, CBE Cherry Wine, & CBG White Whale; now we are inputting polycultural smoking inputs.
    Many make an effort to reduce the temperature of the smoke by submerging their delivery mechanisms under ice water and/or using a multi-chamber device πŸ™‚ Vaping if done with a convection, on-demand device is a way to add another layer of "careful" use :-)Many do not want sugar and chemicals there cannabis; as a result, "No, thank you" to putting RSO on a gummy but instead let's please combine the RSO with Prebiotics, Probiotics, Antioxidants πŸ™‚
    For example, instead of gummy, attach or dot the RSO on a yellow radish or put some in a chicory beverage or on a walnut πŸ™‚ Polyculture = efficacy πŸ™‚
    [I don't work for any company and I don't get a commission]

  2. I train almost every day and therefore I need something that is amazing for recovery. I was sceptical of CBD oil at first specifically for its pain and anti-inflammatory related properties.

    I had already been using it for anxiety and it worked amazingly.

    I was advised when taking CBND for recovery I would need a high strength one.

    I bought Dr. Hemp Me 20% CBD oil and I have been taking 4 drops twice a day.

    My recovery time has completely halved. The only soreness I get is from hard knocks received in games but hey I play hurling so that is a given.

    I give it a 10 out of 10 when compared to other recovery supplements like protein bars and shakes.

    CBD is all-natural and definitely works.

    A few pointers;

    Buy full-spectrum CBD oil

    Make sure it is high strength (at least 10%)

    Check for lab tests

    My recommendation is Dr. Hemp Me. I hope CBD makes a positive difference in your life just as it has mine.

  3. In my state I belong to a program medicinal marijuana but it's for people to smoke and drink for him I have asthma clearly I cannot smoke it. Are there other recipes that the marijuana can be put into a tea and consumed to control chronic pain what other options are there if any that will give you 100% of the strength of the marijuana for controlling pain I want to see if it's going to work to control my pain it may not be strong enough I don't know but I certainly cannot smoke it which I'm shocked they don't have any other options in the program no drops no. No other thing only smoking that's all available so I thought it has to be other ways of converting it to get it into your body Cypress brownies I mean that's you know old school I would think it'd be more potent in a t just drink the product inside the trt itself everything all in one shot. I would have said I look forward to suggestions is there a way to make it into eye drops concentrated eye drops where under the tongue?

  4. The state of Florida says marijuana does not treat pain and they have taken pain off of the marijuana treatment list.
    Florida said too many people have prescriptions for pain so they've taken marijuana off the pain treatment list.
    someone please help either have to tolerate my pain now or go back to opioids someone please help us here in Florida

  5. There are probably less medications being prescribed and less abuse of medications probably because people can choose to use a treatment that has been suppressed for 100 years. It's definitely likely a good alternative for replacing addictions from other substances in certain cases due to the psychotropic similarities that cause increased neural plasticity.

  6. I am brazilian, so it is illegal here and I had been suffering with chronic pain in my jaw due to TMJ and nothing would work, I was going to hospitals every week and taking a lot of different painkillers, trying to see what would work and in the past 5 months nothing would take away my pain entirelly. When I was visiting LA I bought some water with cbd oil in it and I haven't had any pain since, and that was a little over a month ago. I am in shock at how well it worked for me, and I had been taking tramadol for a while and it didn't even take my pain away that much, it just made it bearable for me to go to work. I haven't taken any painkillers since.

  7. How many years of study do they need cannabis works for many things why are they always trying to demonize it in this country it’s much better for you than a bunch of these pharmaceutical medications

  8. OK. But all the terminology is confusing. Online I found some sites showing positive results for studies made on cannabis for pain. In short, can it be effective for lower back pain resulting from fusion of disks L1/L2. I had Harrington rods installed and removed cause one broke.

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