Cannabis plant damage repair (extreme up-close!)

Up and close with what it looks like when a cannabis plant repairs itself after being damaged!


  1. My main stem ripped while training spray little water on it. Cover with blue painter tape to hide it from light. 4 days later removed tape. Like it never even happened. Just make stem in that area extra thick

  2. Question, im a first time grower and put my plants outside closet under light for 15 min to do some upgrades to closet . Long story short my cats ate 2 out 3 first leaves on plant , one of them being one of the two leaves before main leaves grow ( cant remember name ). my question is if i carry on can i nurse it back to health / will i have to supply nutes earlier since leaves arent feeding it ?

  3. I do it all the time. Too much aggressive tie down and staking. Outdoors and indoors. Duct tape the wishbone "crotch" and make sure you reset the branch break exactly where it was. Work the tape up the 2 branches forming a little pocket. Make sure its tight and the tape squeezes and holds the two branches together. After shes taped and bandaged up….squirt some kelp foliar in the little pocket you made with the duct tape for a fast and speedy recovery. Finally..foliar spray the whole plant..leaves and all with diluted water and kelp and she wont even skip a beat. If you broke a branch well before prime flowering time she will form a big "knuckle" where the break was and you might find that these broken but healed branches form the biggest most potent buds down the road.

  4. This just happens to one of my girls :(…was doing a little stress training…pulled a little too hard and got a 1 inch split down the Y….just tied it together with a cable tie and hoping for the best ..

  5. This recently just happened to one of my small plant thats in flowering will this affect my overall yield? I mean it only split about an inch or half inch and I am not going to tape it since its so small

  6. Quick question I broke a branch during fourth week of flowering it was the lower branch my boy recommended I cut it off to conserve energy and send it to the tops is this correct or should I have left it on

  7. Its people like you that show the fact that what we do in our home is our business. Not just that it keeps it from the hands of minors and takes away many 1st time users as well as the criminal aspect. I hope one day the laws change so that I and all others can do what you do. Thanks for the lecture!

  8. generaly seran wrap will do the same thing in place of duct tape as well as NOT LEACH chemicals into what your going to smoke. I mean did you realy walk into a room, see your thouie on your bush and think this sounds like a job for DUCT TAPE!

  9. yepman the same thing happen but i broke the middle wheni was highly medicated
    and it heald reallynice a..and grow even better with just a lil ducktape for support
    it was really resiny on those buds where it broke

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