Cannabis: Separating the Science from the Hype | Mara Gordon | TEDxPaloAlto

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  1. The nerve a woman who uses 20+ meds a day calling someone ripping a morning bowl a drug user. This is the height of disconnection. Great talk btw. I'm still really upset with the lack of real science done to this plant already. Anecdotal evidence can't just be dismissed but to find out what is actually happening is going to take way more work.

  2. If you eat moderately healthy, you wouldn't have to worry about becoming weak and afflicted to begin with, and hence you wouldn't have to depend on any herbs or pharmaceuticals AT ALL. Believe me, I'm too glad that I didn't let my body deteriorate by consuming the filth that most supermarket and fast food chains feed the cattle en masse on a regular basis.

  3. I love your direction. As an educated individual in general holding a masters in fine art, Have taught at graduate level for years, I'm an international touring songwriter, father..
    You have the perfect perspective we need, but at the middle you divide things by assuming that there is no mind benefit from THC… OMG
    There is a reason legendary, historic figure of thought and originality have gravitated to it and it's not just for health. There is something VERY useful for the creative mind that must not be stigmatized even further please. If the discourse follows your mindset then pot help us all. That us the same stereotypical B.S we have all lived with.
    Great discussions need to be made from all fronts and artists/musicians/creators should be first! Just ask

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  6. Pain pills or pot, Glad she started off with real benefits…Imaginr your child in public school which of these if you found just one of these hidden in the kids room, or if your kids wanna tell you what there into; Neither right… Apparently you were home schooled

  7. I’m a brain tumor patient with tons of chronic pains after 50+ successful surgeries, and have plenty of chronic pains, all of which medical take care of. I couldn’t recommend this as a medicine enough.

  8. The first step for good results and usable data would be to let scientists work on it that have ZERO ties to the Pharma industry, otherwise its like asking a petrol engine designer to give his opinion on a electric engine ……. not gonna get the most "honest" results 😉 Cannabis got demonized by the pill sellers mainly, so why trust "studies" and "doctors" that work for the big pharma in the first place 😉

  9. What if your therapeutic dose is once an hour and has to be administered via inhalation due to how breakdown in liver with edible not as effective for anxiety?
    Curious for response.

  10. But what I want to know is how are some of those very many chemicals found naturally within marijuana affected or differentiate after being smoked versus consumed..? 🤔

  11. I'm 46 and i'm a daily smoker. I treat chronic headaches and back pain with CBD. It will take a couple of weeks for the full pain relief effects. I swear by it and i preach to anyone who will listen !

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  13. As a Chronic pain suffering using Cannabis illegally in the UK it makes my heart sing to hear Mara Gordon speak such truth from the heart so that we can have a Future where research will prove emphatically what cannabis can do to help ease so many health conditions….. God bless all those like Mara Gordon that pave the way to access for those that need healing on all levels she truly is' God's plant'…..✌️

  14. What about the substantial risk of psychosis(maybe the unnatural high THC/CBD ratio in cultivated plants is the cause)? People taking up weed habit to escape their reality(I would suggest picking up a consistent meditation practice to gain more self confidence through self knowledge)? Men getting less manly (research says)?Brains getting smaller when weed is used in excess(again.. science)? I'm not against weed but to inform oneself properly, precaution and respect to the plant are of the absolute necessity. It's not all hallelujah with this plant. A lot (!!) can go wrong when misused (wich already is a pretty prevalent phenomenon, I would say)

  15. Tobacco and alcohol has a big lobby and they would go to any extent in order to stop the government from legalizing weed. If legalized in India weed would boost the economy by generating a lot of job and many more opportunities.

  16. ~ HUMAN ENDO-CANNABINOID SYSTEM ~ it is a master regulatory adaptogen… FULL SPECTRUM cannabinoids are better than CBD alone…
    the full expression of chemical compounds are vital to its broad spectrum biological efficacy…

  17. very heartening to see a talk such as this – where someone previously stigmatized against cannabis for its stereotypes has taken it upon themselves to do the thorough research required to understand how the plant can be used as a therapeutic – she covers a lot of extremely important and relevant points – ranging from concepts of medicine dosing, to plant cannabinoid types, especially, relating to the entourage effect inclusive of terpenoids, to how cannabis has the potential to replace pharmaceuticals that havent been providing the effective relief required – this to come from someone of her age going into the depth of the matter for her own physical mental wellbeing is inspiring, knowing how she has taken it upon herself to educate others and provide them a medicine

  18. I have spent many years doing "research" on pot and one thing I found was that the THC works by dropping your blood sugar. This is what gives you the munchies. But if you eat you will crash you buzz. Dont believe me? Try it. No one have ever died from pot.

  19. This stuff is a wonder medicine. After extensive neurosurgery, I am still in a constant state of pain, but, using medical marijuana to take care of my chronic pain takes care of almost all of that without the undesirable side effects of opioids.

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