Cannabis stocks surge on legalization hopes — Here's why

Vivien Azer, Cowen and Company, joins ‘Power Lunch’ to discuss the surge in cannabis stocks as investors anticipate legalization if there is a Biden presidency.


  1. Love the video, subject to a few opinions that differ from mine, but still I’d prefer to buy these shares from companies that have expert systems or bots to trade these stocks as they seem to always be prone to volatility even with the laws. Any recommendations?

  2. Never buy Aurora, company is a loss
    TD Banks Analysts estimated to be near $2
    lol i made great amount of $ shorting aurora since march 14 2019
    keep in mind that if ur brokerage make u buy short then u know u r on the right track
    i covered then shorted on consolidation
    im keeping my short it will go down to 3 bucks
    my advice short and wait

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  6. I am in the medical space and these idiots that talk about the health benefits of weird are completely clueless. I’ve met more suspended doctors and charlatans than any other industry that are in the cannabis space.

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