Cannabis Super-Cropping: Kyle Kushman's "Chiropractic" Plant Training Method / Green Flower

Introducing his famous “chiropractic” technique, award-winning cannabis cultivator and breeder Kyle Kushman demonstrates the proper way to pinch, prune and …


  1. I found a good way to develop your chiropractic technique is to practice on the lower branches that you are going to cut off anyway. This way you can get a feel for it without doing damage to the branches that you want to keep.

  2. I heard an old hippy say that only idiots would chop up their plant like this, because all those leaves produce energy for the plant and cutting the power generators off your plant is stupid. If the plant wasn't getting more energy than it takes to produce those leaves/stems- it would cannibalize or self prune. Of course he does live in a van on 3 acres of nothing, and Kyle made a million dollars…

  3. love you man you're a goat you make mistakes on purpose and I love it makes someone new coming into it have a better time making a mistake

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