Cannabis, Teens and Mental Health

An informative video on cannabis use for teens, parents and educators to enhance mental health literacy.


  1. This was so informative. I've been trying to research for a vid that informs everything in this vid! 👨‍⚕️Your breakdown is like the vids of this new med student Dr. Ethan! Doctor's videos are totally informative and I actually learned a lot for midterms.

    I suggest you check his page out and give the medical student a like here! ➡️ #DoctorEthanStudent

  2. I first tried weed when i was 15 and probably smoked around 50 times when i was 15, and around 100 times when 16, I started feeling slower so i took a break. But the benefits i got where the reason i would do it. The plant helped me lose weight i weighed 232 pounds when i started now im around 187. But my parents eventually caught me and there fine with me smoking it occasionally but not constantly like i was. 👍🏾 love the plant not sure if i see myself smoking it everyday tho…

  3. i’m a fifteen year old teenager, and i find a few of these facts wrong personally as i know it affects people in different way.. not that differently though. parents always said stay away from it, i’ve had my negative experiences and positive experiences. if found there is way more positive than negative.. currently on holiday and i haven’t smoked weed in about 4 weeks.. keep in mind my parents are cool with me smoking as she’s seen the affects first hand. i smoke around 0.6 every day or 1g if im feeling like it or it’s a school day, id smoke a little joint before school to help me relax and focus, and it has helped. but the way you portrayed the negative affects is completely wrong in my opinion. you said it comes with depression, anxiety, psychosis. yes it enhances your feelings but psychosis is very rare. i suffer from depression yes, due to 1 close family member unfortunately passing away and a close friend had his life taken. i don’t suffer from anxiety, and i don’t feel addicted to weed. i could go months, years, without the urge to smoke weed. i still would want to but i wouldn’t need to like cigarettes. but that’s a whole different topic, people look down at cannabis in general but i can proudly say it has helped me a lot and i wouldn’t be here today in a semi successful position (to a extent of a fifteen year old) if it wasn’t for cannabis. my grades are excellent and so is my behaviour. end of the day if my mother ends up saying she wants me to quit smoking weed, that’s her choice and i’d listen and act on her words. that’s just my view on cannabis.

  4. While individuals can be addicted to marijuana, it is not considered an addictive substance like cigarettes which contain nicotine, an ingredient which actually does cause addiction.

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