Cannabis Tips n' Tricks #2 – Re-vegging Harvested Plants

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  1. I did some root work due to my plant being root bound. I could water it 6 litres after drying out nicely and it would take 4 hours to get anything to drip through. Took out a dead wad about the size of my 2 fists from the Center and put it into a pot half the size. Itโ€™s my first ever plant and Iโ€™m trying to re veg to bonsai it. She yielded 160 grams of fully dried bud. It grew 5 feet tall last summer and I left all the little popcorns and as much leaves as I could when I cut out any main buds. I also gave nutrients a few days after the harvest. Sheโ€™s drinking about a litre every 2 to 3 days. I am seeing some browning on the leaves, not yellowing then brown but strait to brown. So pretty sure i burnt her with the nutrients. Flushed with a ph adjusted solution and will continue to do so once the pot is light and mostly dry. Itโ€™s been about a week since I fucked with the roots and about 2 and a half since harvest. She is under my two 40 watt led fish tank lights on 24/7. I used my balcony to grow them durring the summer

    My question is would you say I fucked it? How often do you have a plant die on you when revegging? And what are some extra tips if you have any to increase this girls chance of survival? I want to keep my first plant alive. Also the way I put it if every plant I grow and harvest then gets made into a bonsai over the winter with my week ass lights then I sell them and use the profit to get next years grow together. A few friends of mine would pay a couple hundred for a little bonsai weed plant.

  2. "Leaves to breathe, and buds for grow sites." Great tips for revegging. I used to do this years ago, but I thought Id take a refresher course. Gonna do some more, looking for an exceptional mother plant.

  3. So after 12/12 and harvest go back to 18 hours light again? Can i take clones if i wanted to once they reveged? I ask cause I'd like to have some clones off a couple of them but didn't take any. So can i reveg and then take clones?

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