Cannabis Tolerance Breaks

Do you need a tolerance break from cannabis? Maybe! What is a tolerance break, who needs one and how do you take one? Get all your questions answered in …


  1. Update im 3 weeks clean! It was difficult the first few days but then it got easier but u have to resist everyday but it does get easier 🙂

    Edit: I just Took a hit out of My Dab Pen and i am Very Stoned To The Bone 🦴. Pls Take a Tolerance Brake if your Tolerance is High Thanks that was my Ted Talk

  2. First off, this is such a helpful and informational video. Second, I would like to share my experience with tolerance breaks! I have been using high thc cannabis for my anxiety and depression for years. When I take tolerance breaks, I feel like I'm living through hell for the first 3-4 days, because of mental health symptoms. After that, I just have regular cravings. I'm on day 12 right now and I plan on waiting until 28 days to start again. If you are like me and struggle really hard without cannabis for mental health reasons, I reccomend using a high quality CBD tincture while you wait out your break. It has definitely helped reduce my anxiety in the meantime. Even better than CBD has been exercise. I have physical limitations, but still have found a way to exercise my cardio strongly, and it helps SO much. Good luck to anyone taking T breaks!!!

  3. I'm starting my tolerance break today, I'm a heavy smoker a 1G cart last me only 2 or 3 days, I'm wasting alot of money but not feeling that good ole high I'm used to, I been smoking daily for almost a year and I wanna feel that high again how long should I take my break?

  4. Great video, for me the most difficult part isn't so much the break. It is not ending up back in the same spot as before. I will see about the micro dosing and see how that goes, just went on a break myself so hopefully this time I can keep from going back to square 1

  5. Man when you think about it, It's crazy how your teaching us about the medicinal benefits of cannabis and microdosing, etc.. Meanwhile, people are in prison serving years for non violent marijuana related crimes.. Crazy world we live in

  6. I've read like 20 different articles about cbd and thc tolerance. I pretty much knew everything in this video but its really easy to understand and interesting thanks for sharing 🙂

  7. i was a HEAVY smoker ( smoke weed EVERYDAY), from 2010–2019.. as of right now.. ive not smoke for straight 4 months..
    any tips? taking a break to get my 'old' high back

  8. I smoked heavy for years, then took a ten year break. Started smoking again heavy for 5 years and then took a 3 year break. I’ve happily been smoking again for the last 8 years. I don’t plan on stopping again. Until 2 weeks from now when I’ll have surgery and need a few weeks off.

    Every time I start out small but relatively quickly got back into the regular smoking. Your old tolerance it seems to come back quickly.

    I’m going to take 2 weeks off from smoking after my surgery. I’m going to try smoking CBD strains and if I can find CBG strains. For the 2 weeks following my break. I want see if they actually work by smoking and by tincture drops. Without and THC in my system.

    Either way in the end. I grow my own now, so I’ll hopefully have an limited supply. Enjoy and good life and good smoking everyone.

  9. Hello, quick question. First off, I've been using everyday for about a year to help with pain, anxiety and sleep. I have this idea that if I start with a two week break and then smoke just one day a week for a couple more weeks then my tolerance will go down about the same as a month long break (since the body recovers so quickly from using). Would this work or would just sucking it up and going the full month be a better "reset"?

  10. Hello if I have been using Concentrate for 6 months almost every day would you recommend the 28 days to completely reset my tolerance and does working out speed up the process?

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