Castration To Heal Your Tricep? Reacting To "Why I am REALLY off HRT…"

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  1. My endocrinologist said 300-3000 was "normal" and tries to give you HRT to get you to just over 300. A little weird that as long as you are not in the bottom 10% you are "normal".
    Playing Greg at 1.25 makes him sound like he is trying to sell something on QVC.

  2. Man, my big takeaway is that the Canadian healthcare system is rough. Who cares if it's free when you get on a multi month waitlist even when you're in terrible shape.

  3. I'm afraid it will not work. I started to get the same problem once I CAME OFF TRT. Not only in the elbows, but in the patellar tendons too. Actually, I'm planning to get back on TRT just to see if I can get rid of the pains.. I'm similar in age.

  4. I fucked up my triceps playing around with resistance bands and did extensions with weight I couldn't possibly work with as a joke, not even trying to use muscle, and fucked up a tendon for 2 months

  5. I got tennis elbow in my right arm a couple years back. Luckily I’m left handed so I had my good arm still but I drive stick so driving was so shit

  6. Ive hand the same problem in a knee and a shoulder for 4 years now. im going on the 5th. I know a lot about it from both research, my own doctors and experience. If there is a yway for me to contact Greg please let me know.

  7. Could it be that he doesn't heal because he might be on metabolic acidosis? Too much cereals, animal protein, a lot of soda full of phosphoric acid, which can lead to calcium loss and maybe worsen his tendinitis. Would be perhaps nice to switch from sodas to mineral water and eat a more alkaline diet. Would be worth trying. I would also add a blend of curcuma + ginger + boswellia serrata, Harpagophytum, EPA/DHA to decrease inflammation. Also use a blend of essential oils on the area of pain. Not sure that stopping TRT will be help, but I hope it does and he'll be back 100% soon.

  8. Talking about “ridiculous system” I’m regards to Canadian healthcare.

    Me: Cries in lack of American Healthcare.

    I haven’t been to the doctor in years. I’d be glad to have to have to wait a few months.

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