CBD (Cannabis) Infused – Luxury Body Butter 🌿 👩‍🌾 – DIY Lotion Making

Rich luxury body butter infused with goat’s milk, hemp oil, and CBD (cannabidiol) This is a DIY body butter that you can make at home or sell to customers at …


  1. My son has eczema very bad I have been trying to find so many different kinds of lotions things that will help him he is constantly itching and it's just to the point where I have used so many different types of creams and lotions I want something that's going to work for him and the only problem is my son is only 4 years old he's got scars and scabs all over his face from constant scratching I am looking for something that's going to work for him that's going to relieve the itching and that's going to help his skin to be able to help him I don't know if this is something that would work for him if so I'm very interested in your product

  2. I got a 4oz glass jar and after adding my body butter, it could only take about 2 oz of body butter. Could this be because the body butter is very light because I really don't know why this happened or should I just get a 6 oz jar to make a 4 oz body butter? Thank you.

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