Does CBD oil help with nicotine withdrawal symptoms. If you are thinking about quitting vaping or quitting smoking this video is a must watch! Can CBD oil really …


  1. I have a question I’ve been really worried for a couple days. I baked for a year and I’ve quit for 5-6 weeks now I’m really worried how damaged my lungs are and how much at risk for lung cancer am i in the future? I never felt any damage to my lungs I’ve always had good breathing even while vaping but I decided to stop because I didn’t want to ruin my health once I’m older. Can you tell me how badly I damaged my lungs and if they will heal and if I will still be healthy?

  2. Maybe withdrawals could sometimes be worse if they smoked for longer. Maybe the addiction could be stronger. If they smoked for over 20 years. I would think the addiction and withdrawals would be worse then quitting after 1 year

  3. Hey Dr. Frank! I am 6 days nic free and I’m am suddenly super depressed! Like not just can’t get out of bed depressed, but like can’t stop crying depressed. Can you make a video on why this happened and how to get through this?

  4. In Australia, health ministry introduced tobacco price hikes. To curve out and force nicottine addicts to take pharma patches, sprays or gum products instead.
    These nicottine products, are still introducing pharma synthetic poison to a human system. Which can induce enxity and insomnia. Increased blood pressure.
    Which is not so apparent or present by actually smoking cigarettes.

  5. Hey would if you would take this for a long time would it affect you’re natural Cannabanoids I wanna try but I don’t want to grow a dependence on another product

  6. If they have a energy drink every 2 or 3 days. They might not think their addicted to energy drinks. Just because their able to go 2 to 3 days with out it. Maybe they could still get withdrawals if they tried to go longer

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