CBD Oil (Cannabidiol)- How It’s Different from THC & Benefits

There has recently been a huge interest in CBD oil for its many therapeutic benefits. In this video, we will go through how CBD oil actually works. So how does …


  1. I recently just started using CBD oil. Because i have been depressed in 7 years + anxiety. I've been taking anti depressants for 4 years. And I taken CBD 1 month. Already seems great. For the first time in years i can now wake up early and actually get up. Instead of staying in bed the half day.
    I feel more happy and less anxiety

  2. Doctors over in the USA arnt gonna perscribed cbd oil they only care about there pill money alot of doctors hate marijuana here because there nt making any money on there pill prescriptions and I never herd of them prescribing cbd oil an Idk of doctors will do that here when u can buy it at a store

  3. Love this video love all it videos like how u do ir explorations and have have a really good science way of explaining it in in a good way every video keep up the videos if ur gonna be be a doctor ur already there

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