CBD Oil for Anxiety: Miracle Cure or Hype?

In this video, author and mental health educator Douglas Bloch shares his experience and research about how CBD is being used to treat anxiety, pain and …


  1. This is great and very informative. I have anxiety and depression….I have been on Klonopin for 30 years and will probably be on it for life, however I do take some CBD Isolate (0%THC) and find it to be very relaxing (via vape). I find it outrageous that marijuana is still a schedule 1 substance.

  2. I tried CBD oil as I follow your channel and have struggles with bad anxiety and some depression for years. It seems like it really works so far I have had good results in reducing my anxiety. Thank you so much 🤝

  3. Thank you for your videos Douglas, they have really been helping me. I think you’re a fantastic speaker and educator, and I look forward to reading your book. Happy new year ☺️

  4. Cbd oil has helped with my panic attacks when I drive. But its expensive in VA. I've learned to make my own which works somewhat. Just wondering if there's a better strained I should be using for panic attacks?

  5. Marijuana isn't addictive people becomes addicted on things because they tell thereself they need it the plant itself isn't like coke or meth I drove high before I drove better than I had ever because it gives u focus and allows u to think

  6. Benzos are a living NIGHTMARE. Try everything else, and don’t let your doctor tell you it’s fine that they are “safe” like mine did, then threw me under the bus when he removed me from them too quick and went into full withdrawal. They are not safe. They work wonderfully for some people, but it’s Russian roulette with your life. They try to blame your anxiety or any mental health issue to cover up these adverse effects. There are people who took it who didn’t have mental health issues who had the same negative effects as others did.

  7. Great information, thank-you, my lovely cousin had rheumatoid arthritis from an early age which in turn caused depression. I really wish he had tried cbd oil at the time, unfortunately he stayed on standard meds and he didn't get any better. He committed suicide a number of years later when cbd would probably have done a lot better for both his depression and arthritis. 💔

  8. cbd helped me crazy with axiety up to 98 percent…..and even is good for post trauma axiety,i had that,,,it stops the subcouncess mind to repeat the axiety,,,is crazy it completely gone,,,if u stop the coffe and sugars and take this for 1 year ,,,u will never have it again neverr
    i took cbd thc free 1300 ml i took couple drops and man it stops all axiety,,i dont have axiety for weeks or months,,,,,guys stop using phone the radiation of phone trigers ur neurones and blocks the gama transmiters and seratonins,,,,stop the phone …use laptop if u have to work on computer,,,,use phone only for phone calls or emails,,,max 1 hours a day,,,,,my axiety stoped 90 percent after stoping the phone,,,the phone is the invisible enemy of ur brain and body ,,,stop phone stop sugar take them low dosage,,,use cbd thc free with high strength like 900ml and up to see results,,,i take the one 1300ml and is organic and high quality,,,u will never ever see axiety again,,,ps take vitamin c 500mg a day in morning with food too

  9. I was on anxiety meds for 5 Years and I quit all of them gradually and I started working on "self love" and it has been 10 month without any fears and free from anxiety & symptoms but after i quit anti depressants meds I started having acid reflux without any reason and I don't know why can i have anxiety without being anxious or any symptoms ? ? I mean can i have anxiety from the inside of my body without knowing ??? And that's can be the cause of the sudden acid reflux ?? I'm confused I'm not anxious,, and all the time I think positively and very happy with my life right now ,but I'm afraid that maybe I have silent anxiety I really don't know I hope someone have any information about silent anxiety

  10. i may try this befor i jump on tho the hard stuff. my anxiety and depression is pretty bad. making my ocd come back. i need to chill but i dont wanna get high cus i dont like the feeling of being stoned. i use to be a drinker but dont drink anymore. this sounds like something that can help me

  11. so glad i found this video ….i'm taking CBD fr anxiety . one thing i wanted to comment is that when your buying cbd oil on line . ask if the cbd oil was derived from sativa or indica plant . those are strains that the marijuana plants have . for anxiety i can't have sativa only indica strain cbd oil . so check before you buy

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