CBD Oil for Migraines – How CBD Helps Treat Headaches – Dr. Lynn Marie Morski

What is CBD and CBD Oil? Does CBD Stop Pain? Does CBD Help Anxiety and Depression?


  1. A very informative video, slow, smooth and easy to understand. A number of well-known trigger factors contribute for migraine headaches, specifically sleep deprivation and anxiety or stress, besides endocannabinoid deficiency and abnormal inflammatory response or it might just be in your genetics. We all know what pain killers do and what the after effects are. I would like to view CBD with a holistic approach, our lifestyle, Diet & Exercise is also equally important to deal with a lot of challenges mentally & physically. Having said that dosage is going to be crucial when we are hit with a migraine, because if your regular dosage of CBD Tincture is a ( 500mg bottle size) and you take usually 25mL, than will doubling up on that daily dosage going to help manage your pain better, is something we wouldn't know? I myself have a tendency to get migraines a few times every month and I used to be on 2 Advil's and now I take 50mL (2500mg Full spectrum Tincture) at times like these and I also use a Topical, especially a Salve (Arnica) which helps, especially when you massage it on your pressure points to get some targeted relief.

  2. Great videa, Hi i’m a Morocan guy who is suffering from chronic migraine since i was at age of 15 and I’m still battling it it’s completely ruined my lifestyle i have tried a bunch of alternative medecines but non of them worked so i would like to provide me some tips about CBD oil if it is efficient medicine for those kind of chronic pains. I found out your video accidentally on YouTube when i was looking for cbd oil reviews i am looking forward to hearing from you and thank you

  3. Cbd has been pretty helpful along the way of figuring out my migraine issues. I have menstrual related, so one before my menstrual cycle and one after. When I feel a migraine setting in I take upwards of 200mg of CBD with a decent amount of the other cannabinoids along side it for a full entourage effect. I take RSO or FECO oil since it's highly concentrated and less expensive than most edible or tincture options. It's been helping significantly with my sense of well being and to know that something more natural is there to help me.

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