CBD Oil: How To Make Cannabis Oil at Home – Easily!

Curious to see our newest video showing how we extract our CBD oil using C02 extraction? Check out our recent vlog on the topic here …


  1. @Endoca CBD Hi. can I use 95% vodka instead of ethanol? and if so, can i reclaim the vodka back with a distiller like you did? also, how do you check the CBD strenght of the end product?

  2. You need to hit up your Cannabis in oven first !! And my opinion you can use grain alcohol and you can hit up your alcohol in warm water the mixing your product and put again in warm water and after go to cook it with oil or so on witch take hours … idk your method is legit

  3. 1.3K FBI agents disliked the video, well I can grow Cannabis at home because i live in Pakistan and i can do whatever the fuck i want. My sweet ass Freedom!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. What brand is the water distiller? Does it keep the alcohol concentrated enough for re-use? There are also alcohol distillers similar to it but much more expensive. Do you think that would make a difference?

  5. haha ive never seen someone just snap a branch like that and then walk away like a boss. lol yeah….theres plenty more where that came from…snap! i like your dorm room make over science lab…that came with a coat too?! shaaaZaammm

  6. I Have a doubt, what kind of ethanol used? Remembering that some ethanol have denaturants that make it not for human use, only for fuel, clenaning, cosmetics etc…cereal alcohol on other way don’t have this chemical but is still usable on this recipe? Tnx in advance!

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