CBD Vape Guide || How To, Best Brand, Dosage, Benefits, Side Effects Of Vaping CBD Oil & MORE!

This guide describes how to vape CBD oil, the best CBD vape brand for CBD vape juice (aka E liquid), pens & cartridges, the correct dosage, benefits, side …


  1. I have a vaporesso PM40 deluxe, with 2 coils, one with 0.8 ohms, and one with 0.6 ohms, can i use CBD Juice for vape, with one of these coils? The maximum power of the mod is 40watts. Pls help me!! Tkss

  2. Thank you so much. You sound like such a nice guy. I hope your anxiety is doing better from the CBD. Also, I found this video so incredibly helpful for myself. I hope you keep making videos that you enjoy:)

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