Celebrating marijuana legalization in Washington with new premium pot company Diego Pellicer

Watch in 1080p as members of the new premium marijuana company called Diego Pellicer celebrate the legalization of marijuana at 12:01 a.m. on December …


  1. Ha ha. They are not lighting up because none of them smoke it! They are just going to make money off of it. Anything that legalizes it here and around the world is fine by me.

  2. they are only happy because of the amount of money they are going to be making. fuck corporations. personal stashes spread amoungst communities. sharing is caring. sooner or later 1 in every 5 houses will be growing a different strain.

  3. cuz alot of geeks smoke weed…. gamers geeks potheads alot of us socialize and run in the same circle alot. marijuana is becoming accepted slowly but surely so who care anyway.

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