Certo Marijuana Detox to Pass Drug Test | CERTO METHOD WORKS 2019!

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  1. Yo! Certo worked for me but I took some precautions
    Before my test I went 4 days sober drinking a shit ton of water
    Pissed 5 times before my test and drank some coffee to add color
    Everything went well good luck

  2. Does this really I hit a blunt one time 6 days ago before that I smoked 2 weeks ago I have a drug test at 3 today I used one packet and I can only find a 28 Oz Gatorade I also drink a gallon… Do you think this will work for me

  3. Alright so im going to try this technique. I have a drug test in 4 hours and i just smoked last night at 7 pm. I will update you all on how i did🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  4. Followed each step to the letter and failed miserably.
    Thank God I pre-tested.
    I'm convinced this Certo has absolutely nothing to do with passing this test
    It's massive water Dilution and nothing else.
    Target has a box of 10 THC test strips for 10 bucks.
    I failed all of them.
    I would NOT rely on this Certo shit.
    Good Luck.

  5. Hey. Did the certo method on the day of my test. Don’t think I drank enough water, but tested myself 10 min before and 10 min after my actual test (I live really close to the clinic I tested in) and was negative both times. You think I should be good for the actual lab test?

  6. Don’t work. U have to be clean for a good minute and mayyybbeee u might get lucky but I’m a prime example, it didn’t work a couple times with my freedom on the line (parole) but one time it did work but I smoked for like a week or two and stopped for another two or three and barley came out clean

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