Chuck Schumer & Al Harrington talk NEW Federal Cannabis Legalization Bill

Chuck Schumer & Al Harrington talk NEW Federal Cannabis Legalization Bill Subscribe to my Other YouTube Channels: LMC News: …


  1. Racist have a lot of power in the federal system look how long cannabis has been illegal that tells you all the racist who vote nay that are in office.

  2. Eviction are still happening in maryland because cannabis is not legal yet you can stink up a intire appartment complex with cigarettes… cannabis illegal is a Idiocracy made buy racist. Most racist people do not like marijuana as well as most Asians Americans do not agree with cannabis legalization because it's to muck of a calming agent for black Americans. They don't want you calm but upset ALL the time Every day if possible until you die. Sad

  3. The governor of maryland will not legalize cannabis young men are still getting arested in Maryland from marijuana charges as if they are killers or terrorists?

  4. I believe in freedom my ass, why take peoples guns away that is already a right. He has stock in cannabis and will profit that is why he wants it legal. Don't get him twiated he will legalize it but make it inaccessible to most.

  5. Unfortunately, nothing will really change until the Fed removes/reschedules cannabis from the CSA. Until then, med and rec patients are always at risk.

  6. It was not only the minority communities that suffered assuming I even know what he means by that.. does he? There's individuals though for instance that may or may not a part of one of those communities he's referring to that suffered more than most of the ppl in those communities. . Or nah? Ha lie to ourselves?

  7. He said “it lets the states do whatever they want” so even if lawmakers decriminalize at the federal level, your state could still make it illegal?? I hope that’s not the case

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