Cleveland Clinic research says vaping THC causes lung damage

Groundbreaking lung biopsy research focused on vaping is being done right here in Cleveland. It’s showing the worst culprit is vaping THC.


  1. As a psychology research scientist, I have some concern over the methodology and the conclusion drawn from this study. First of all, the sample size (8 people) was too small to make a causation claim, which means that the title itself is so horribly wrong and misleading. All we could conclude from the data is that THC may be related with lung damage, but there is no way that any reasonable researcher can actually conclude that THC is CAUSING lung damage. Second of all, what if the patients this doctor saw also smocked cigarettes? What if the patients snort other recreational drugs? All these risk factors may lead to lung damage. There are so may other factors that we need to consider before making this conclusion. I would encourage you guys to do more research on this matter. Don't just stop at this news clip and make up your own mind!

  2. Actually, anecdotal information like this is not useful. There is no control, and we cant be certain if he is using a street illegal vape. We also don't know if this is a meth injury or not.

  3. How often must it be said?
    Don't lump FDA-regulated nicotine vaping together with inhaling tainted vaporized cannabis extracts from the black market!
    The (ever shrinking) percentages of patients reporting "only nicotine" usage are in majority (if not all) just LYING out of fear for criminal prosecution. The CDC, in their guidances for medical professionals, intentionally (!) left out the simplest way to determine if and to which compounds the patients where exposed – namely URINE TESTS!
    This was done to bolster their hypocritical argument of "we have no clear cause", so they can fearmonger and slander against tobacco harm reduction through vaping (which is always referred to "electronic cigarettes" with nicotine")! Not surprisingly, as they removed the decisive question of "what" (meaning wether cannabis or e-liquids with/-out nicotine) the survey participants of the NYTS where vaping, so they could easily misdeclare the almost 1/3 to 1/2 parts consuming (only or also) cannabis as "nicotine vapers".
    If the NBC would remind themselves that they are JOURNALISTS, they could have researched this by their own.
    But obviously it's much better for selling ad-time to go with scary headlines (what's called moral corruption).

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