This Channel Posts EVERY SUNDAY!✅ here is the entire Cannabis grow lifecycle from clone to harvest. I go over everything from the beginning and take you all …


  1. I think this is my longest video I have ever made and hope you guys find it interesting right until the end. Here are the links to all the other videos I reference if you want to see more in depth detail on some of the gardening practices performed. If you have questions just drop them down below. I will be going through and answering everyone. Or just say hi 😉
    How To Clone Video –

    How To Transplant Video –

    How To Hash Sift Trim Video –

    How To Start an Autoflower Grow Video –

    Last 5×5 update –

  2. Thanks for sharing all of your experience and knowledge in the game! I am setting up my first tent and super stoked to get started! I will be watching a lot of your videos to help me through my first grow!

  3. Can I put Boveda humidi packs in the jars as soon as they go in for curing or should I wait until they have cured for a week or two?

  4. I love that I can watch murders, gun building, shroom growing back to back. but it I wanna watch your cannabis vids. I got to get up and click I understand and wish to proceed at the beginning of everyone of yours videos. I like to just let vids role back to back and this really kills me. I hate YouTube

  5. Here in Britain it's illegal to even possess cannabis but after a year of being on lock down and a £10.000 fine for being outside who give a shit about
    the law I'm going to spoil myself seeing what you grow gives me inspiration. Great video.

  6. Bro bro u killed it. Is there anyway I could get your email I’m in Michigan 12plants for my first run coming up then med card. 72!!! In a few years. I’ve been studying for years and you killed it and your iq is crazy

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