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  1. Hey guys, I'm still not officially back to posting to youtube full time ( Temporary break is still on ) so please follow me over on the weedtube for the continued weekly posts ( there is a couple new videos that are not on youtube over there . I 'm gratefully and happily keeping my promises with a new sponsor. They sent me the unit for free and honestly, I genuinely couldn't believe how effective the air purifier worked. This unit has drastically changed my air quality in my home and appreciate being sent this product for free. Upon my full time return, I will upload all videos made during my break to youtube but if you want to stay up to date, just check out the weedtube 😉

  2. You're the best grower I've seen so far. A wizard in your own right "the magic you do" Great video's and fantastic plant's, I'm trying to grow my own little garden and it's looking good you inspired me. My first grow, Thanks.

  3. Will a 14 and 10 light schedule for flower mess with my grow at all I figured having longer darkness would allow buds to form faster but not to sure, need some clarification please

  4. Hey first time commenter long time watcher. If you could pick a light/s for veg and another set for flower for separate grow tents 8’x4’ which would you get? Thanks for your posts. Well done from narrative to shooting style.

  5. I needed this video and I appreciate that you take you time telling and explaining everything that you do. So I know you get excited and you kind of talk fast. Sometimes I miss some step and have to pause and replay back video. And sometimes I have some questions on things that you do. But I am subscribed and I follow you. Trust me you are a BIG REASON that I have started growing. My Biggest issues is knowing what's is wrong with my plant when something changes in my leaves. And what to do when I see a problem. I am learning and researching everything. So thank you and please keep the videos coming

  6. been following for a year grateful dude. done school for cannabis cultivation in august. From Toronto but in BC a lot, got a lot of fam down there !. just wanted to say appreciate you dude !

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