Controlling the Size of Your Cannabis Plants: Kyle Kushman / Green Flower

Your cannabis plant will double in size before it stops growing.” How big do you want your cannabis to grow? According to award-winning top cannabis breeder …


  1. Absolutely amazing Kyle!!! Great video and amazing information as usual , Growth Boom Pro max-plus kit height system works perfectly for me. so far I have gained 3 inches in height.
    I'm 22 years old and I've been using it for 10 months. This is an amazing experience.

  2. Absolutely amazing Kyle!!! Great video and amazing information!
    i used("Growth Boom pro")max-plus kit height system last year .. it was very big suprise for me..
    i grown almost 4 inches "Growth Boom pro" solutions + Stretching exercises + regular sleep.. it really worked and it was a miraculous experience for me. I Would recommend to anyone looking to be taller and looking for a workable solution

  3. i love how every youtube video automatically assume you are using indoor grow lights. I'm not one of those fake growers, I rely on the pure sunlight to give my plants energy.

  4. I just love listening to Kyle, his style is relaxing mellow and awesome. Watching his vids is like hanging out with an old buddy and relaxing. What a great mentor and teacher, i've learned so much from him.

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  6. What about bending the growing tip 6/7inches from top of plant securing back down to mainstem with a twist tie for 4or5 days ,each lateral branch will then grow like the original top,this is far superior to cutting off top which will remove main growing top's hormones, but bending instead will give all lateral branches these hormones you can repeat method a few weeks later to,all the new tops,this creates a very bushy plant with doubling of yield,JUST ASK UNCLE ED ..!!!!!!!

  7. I love this show bruss. Took your advice n followed your super cropping technic .. Can't wait to c the results in 6weeks. Best thing is I took many clones.. N they r all standing up strong. Cheers bruss 4 all your amazing knowledge . Just glad it's here on YouTube.. smoke up stay strong n safe n Gluck to u n your mob brother.😍🤙👍✌

  8. Hey what's up man. I been watching videos for awhile now but I don't know if you're being blocked or what. But it won't let me hit the like button. Can you see if anyone else is having the same problem. Anyway your videos are great.

  9. First time I ever crop a plant this year never do it again oh my plant stop vegging and went into budding way too soon September 6th half of my plans are coming down last year it was October 10th I grew one plant this year has two strains in one plant 2nd year I came up with this ever hear of two strains in one seed I have it real dark and the other ones real light I really feel when it's time to harvest a marijuana plant is when all of the sun leaves on the plant are not going the direction of the sun they are growing Every Which Way but they're not directing to the Sun at this point you're just sticking out all which ways it's so hot out you have to water at 4 a.m. in the morning or you will steam your plants and kill him that's all I've been doing it for years for in the morning bam Trump 20/20

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