Could CBD help opioid users overcome addiction?

The opioid epidemic is one of the biggest and most costly health risks facing modern America. Yet, CBD Scientist Yasmin Hurd suggests that there is a way to …


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  2. We have been recommending CBD oil to our oncology patients for almost a decade. The reduction in narcotic needs as well as chemotherapeutic nausea is drastically reduced. There are lots to find in CBD once we start to look and we can't start to look as long as we keep electing officials who believe in a bipartisan system. We need to elect people not parties to lead this country so that things get done rather than parties stay in office.

  3. I'm 64 years old and took vicodin for 25 years. I'm living proof that you can definitely stop opiods with cannabis. I suffer from ra, fibromyalgia, and a bad back surgery. I suffered intense, debilitating pain every day. I safely stopped, without one withdrawal symptom, within weeks I felt like a new person. It's been two years and my pain is always under control. It was a scary thing to overcome but was the most freeing thing I could've done for myself.

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