Could Florida be the next state to legalize marijuana in 2022?

Four more states voted to legalize recreational marijuana for adults in November, and late Friday, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to decriminalize …


  1. As a medical mj patient in Florida, their limits on how much you can purchase are ridiculous with some of the cannabis costing ~$20 a gram. What really gets me is not being able to grow my own, it is a plant that with a little care and minimum cash can produce much cheaper cannabis than the dispensaries. .

  2. 0:20. The west coast will be skating on unemployment and investing in lava lamps.
    No wait….that already happened;
    For every one stoner day equals approximately six months.
    I hope you laughed….

  3. I'm a disabled Vet, I'm also in Florida and use Medical Marijuana and now because I test Positive at the VA there done with me, so now I gotta pay $210.00 every 28 days for Pain Management. Then I gotta pay for my Test Injection every 2 weeks cause they will not send me to the Endocarnologist for free over it being Controlled. I'm more concerned about going Federal so that Insurance pays for it. Me and my wife use it and it's taking everything I get to make it here in Florida. Last 9 years just been my income. We was hit while on our Harley Motorcycle and the guy had no Insurance and she lost her 25 year job working for the State making $65,000 or more a year. Social Security has turned her down twice. Been 3 years ago since last time and she's 52 now so maybe now, the Democrats give everything to illegals for nothing, she worked for 30 years plus in High School Dairy Queen.

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