Cuomo Scandals Affecting New York Marijuana Legalization?

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  1. Last year right before covid i was working with a farmer in NY, he told me that the Federal Government was paying him to grow weed on his farm, the vote for legalization was supposed to happen April 1 2020 but some of the people who where supposed to vote caught Covid. He said that the Government had already basically put the revenue from this into the budget, so its only a matter of time before legalization in NY.

  2. i think this whole "scandal" is gonna be used as leverage to delegitimize the governators wack bill. nobody in ny, politicans included want it; we want MRTA, which includes homegrow. it might workout but take a bit longer. Be patient Fam. If they speedily pass some watered down bill there's no going back.

  3. Bro that’s how they distract everyone by just blowing something way out of proportion on a Senator or Gov or whatever he is smh TX ,NY ,and CA are the main states being blown out the water

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