‘Dabbing’ Concentrated THC Is Troubling New Trend Among Teens | TODAY

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  1. Its not the concentrates that's the problem its the kids smoking like marijuanas going out of style and acting like they're gang bangers for selling an ounce in an month.

  2. I’ve been smoking weed since I was 14 and it saved my life if anything it helps with my anxiety it helps me focus. The only thing I can agree on is addiction you have to be very responsible when dealing with weed. But you can get addicted to anything

  3. Wow I am 40 and 25+ with marijuana, there is a very long history of news and government agencies against giving facts about cannabis, now into a new age legalization has further corrupted the facts ….. even on government packaging in Canada the containers have fals statements like saying cannabis is addictive… this video of the news stats it's highly dangerous!…. we need to properly educate people all over about cannabis…. let's start with the difference between sativa and Indica …. indica is a relaxing calming feeling …. sativa is a stimulating effect of the brain rather then the body and influences the moment so to say…. if you have anxiety or no experience don't smoke sativa or sativa dominant hybrids…. I could go on for days on this but hopefully we get a clear fact of things sooner then later .

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