Delaware Medical Marijuana Cannabis Card Chronic Neck & Back Pain Fibromyalgia,Cancer,Stress Anxiety

The Delaware Medical Cannabis Marijuana Program For People With Chronic Neck Back Pain Fibromyalgia,Cancer Stress Anxiety etc. Delaware Medical …


  1. I also have my medical card and have gotten into gardening it is a big stress reliever in an enjoyable hobby and saves a ton of money and there’s plenty of channels on YouTube they can teach you how it is a fun hobby and you should get into it

  2. Rick, thanks for promoting this medication! I’ve been a medical marijuana patient since 1999, firm believer. Twenty one years later and I’ve still avoided opioids.

  3. Delaware just has to make cannabis legal for recreational use. There’s many other people with other conditions that could benefit. $50 for an eighth of weed is ridiculous when you can get it for 25 on the street it’s honestly the same quality. Is there taxes on cannabis on top of the $50 price tag?

  4. Another great video. Good topic. The stigma is changing. One thing I'll mention is that I find cannabis not only helps with the pain of fibro but also with the fatigue. Even "indica" bud gives me a boost of energy for a bit. ✌🤙

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