Democrats hold majority in legislature, looking to legalize recreational marijuana

Democrats hold majority in legislature, looking to legalize recreational marijuana Subscribe to KOAT on YouTube now for more: Get more …


  1. The idea of medical marijuana becoming more expensive sounds like b.s. , if its there's more weed out there it'll should drop in price because it'll be easier to get… rules of supply and demand right. For example : in 2007 the going price for an 1/8th of an ounce was around 60 bucks, and just yesterday i drove past a billboard advertising 20 dollar 1/8th's… why would medical marijuana go up in price while the price of marijuana in general is falling… but I'm no expert on the issue so I'll assume that there are some other factors at play that I'm not aware of… if anyone reading this is hip to such factors, do please enlighten me… I'd like to understand

  2. A symptom of a bunch of old farts running our state.Old antiquated laws and thinking.These senior citizens are 2 decades behind the world in education and drug laws.And our economy and crime are the symptoms of our antiquated politicians.

  3. Russia subsidizes vodka so all Russians can afford it in bulk. By keeping people intoxicated they won't notice how bad things are in Russia.
    Lawmakers in the U.S. have the same thing in mind only they want to strangle people with additional taxes while we're doped up on "pot".

  4. The state's recreation, dining, and tourism industries are spilling their guts out, hemorrhaging under overbearing lockdown measures, but at least we can have everyone doped up to numb the pain. Thanks Democrats!

  5. See Trumpers, under Biden and Harris you are gretting money AND weed! So give him some props and stop your cult like blind loyalty to Trump as he's no longer president in 2 days! DOS DIAS!!

  6. as a medical cannabis paitent i said many years ago when garry Johnson tried but new mexico legislatures would not pass it but yet all synthetic forms of heroin are perfectly legal its hard enough for client's to pay the dispensary cost plus our cost of living. new mexico should have done this years ago not just barely now.

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