A Bone+Gold Production The story of veteran, LGBTQ+ and cannabis activist, Dennis Peron, who fought to get cannabis to HIV/AIDS patients in 1990s San …


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  2. I’ve got a lot of love for Dennis, but 215 did not legalize anything, and he was adamantly opposed to legalization and he worked against proposition 19 and proposition 64 here in California quite vocally.

  3. Everyday more incredible treatments are coming to the surface about the benefits of cannabis, and one can only thank people like Dennis Peron and the few who made it happen.

  4. Too bad Dennis opposed legalization for the last decades of his life. He did a lot of good for medical marijuana, but this title is a complete misnomer. Dennis attacked the legalization community including Jack Herer, Richard Lee and myself and told everyone to "rest on our laurels" after Prop 215 instead of fighting for full legalization. Yeah, he deserves part of the credit — but this video needs a new name. Just add "Medical" in front of "Marijuana" and it would be okay, although overstated. Hopefully the video will be more accurate than this title is. John Entwhistle repeatedly has said, "this isn't legalization," then credits Dennis with legalizing? Come on.

  5. I am Ecstatic to see this story come to film ! Dennis got Sooo much more done than just getting cannabis legal….although….that was quite the little undertaking….wasn't it ?! He created a space where a person could come …get what they needed to self medicate…without being harassed or bothered by anyone…and for some that was the only place like that they had ! I worked with Dennis and John , Wayne since the CBC was on Church st…….I could on and on about stories of peoples lives that have changed ….for the better…including myself …..thanx to Dennis ! I just can't wait ta see the movie !~

  6. This is going to be an emotionally charged docufilm.
    From the dark days of AIDS vigils and patients in need of relief emerged a hero. Just the trailer made me cry. Can't wait to see the whole production.
    I remember working with Dennis Peron on the statewide Prop 215 in 1995/6 at the campaign headquarters on Market Street by Van Ness Ave., and voting on Proposition P in 1991 legalizing medical marijuana in San Francisco and going to the cannabis buyers' club on Church street. He started a life saving movement that is still gaining speed nationally and globally. I've been HIV positive for 33 years now and medical cannabis has a lot to do with why I'm still here.
    Thank you, Saint Dennis Peron

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